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April 14, 2018
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April 17, 2018

It is safe to safe the working flexibly is everyone has is dreaming in our entire life and telecommunications brings this to us, so what are the benefits telecommunications brings to us?

It increases productivity. As data and scientific study shows people who are able to work flexibly gains a higher boost in their productivity. One example is in one company there are guys that boost their productivity up to 30 percent compared to their workmates and one more example is a company that lets their workers work at home boost their productivity up to 40 percent compared to the once working in their office, the reason may be because people feel happier and healthier when they work at home instead in the office because they fill they have control of their working environment.

It reduces turnover. Hiring and training newly recruited employees will cost the company much money. Every company dream to have a better way of hiring process which the will have to spend less and have the best employees. The company’s willingness to hire remote workers will help them expand that talent pool, especially to the millennial who are already expecting flexibility. Data shows that flexible workers are happier than their workmates and will have a greater chance of staying with the company longer.

It improves morale. Workers that can access telecommute or to be able to participate in seminars for this matter tends to be healthier both physically and emotionally. According to a study from a university shows that 19000 workers from different companies showed that workers who are able to have control of their workplace flexibility perform better than those who don’t have it. The study also shows that it is good for the brain to have workplace flexibility making us more creative, and it also helps to cop with different generations of colleagues that you have resulting into lesser misunderstanding to older generations and the millennial.

It is eco-friendly. Telecommuting can also take part of on reducing the climate change in addition to making the workers feel happier and better. This is the result of workers not having have to commute to go to the office that helps the environment from pollution from the carbon that vehicles generate. Also, people work from home will have lesser electricity and lesser office equipment that reduces the waste.

It is cost-effective.

As mentioned above, flexibility helps the company to hire employees easily and can have them for a long period of time. Since hiring will cost the company much money it is very obvious that having flexibility will save the company a lot of money. Also, the company can also save money because they will not have to buy office equipment that the workers need and they do not have to pay more money for a larger office area. It can also reduce the employee’s tardiness because they have the control of their own time and they don’t have to travel or commute just to get in the office.

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