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April 16, 2018
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April 19, 2018

Years before the discovery of internet and other networks, telecommunication has its own definition. The telephone was the only technology that allows people to communicate with others with voice even from a far place. Many of America’s network was owned by a big company name AT&T the rest are also owned by smaller companies. In the 1960’s data services was introduced to the public switched telephone network or known as PSTN, giving them the ability and transfer data from long distance the application was still considered as telecommunication because it unlocks different kinds of communication that the PTSN take advantage of. As years go by long-distance communication has evolve and grow that it can now include video conferencing, e-mail instant message, data transport, web browsing and many more that have been enabled the transmission of data to grow  that it can now be of use to microwaves, terrestrial wireless, satellite, fiber cable, and broadband transport. In modern-day people think of telecommunications as a product and service that they can acquire. In 1968 with the Federal Communications Commission decision with the Carterphone, it has made consumers to buy these applications or equipment regarding telecommunication as a product or be as well a service. An example is a customer-installed wifi local area network can be the access link that support  a voice over internet protocol service. Telecommunication has evolve and change a lot for like 40 years now, by the help of research into semiconductors and digital electronics in the industry, analog representation of voice, images and video have replaced by digital representation. The biggest problem is that almost all of the media can use it and be represented in the same basic form and as a result it can be handled exactly with the same infrastructure. Later on circuit switching was introduced and most likely supplemented. Example is a telephony is now a package of you having Internet as well as cable networks.

The most major change in both technology and how to employ it for the industry structure happens in the architecture of telecommunications network. The architecture of this context refers to how the system function in its general structure of the system. Previously this thins were separately owned and has different types of communication even they shared the same type of technology base and some equipment and facilities. What is the different of newer networks to the older ones? It is that they are integrated, meaning they can use all sorts of media such as voice, audio, video, and data are communicated in just a single network. This results to offering economies of scope and scale in the operational cost and it also allows different kinds of media to be mixed with one applicant. This means that the suppliers of the industry and service providers are being able to increase in terms of business in providing telecommunications in all sorts of media rather than specializing one single thing such as video, audio or data and etc.

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